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Rent Based on Income is your one stop-shop for accessing the nations largest affordable housing directory of residential, multi-family housing options, all with income-based rents. Rent Based on Income has found the links necessary for you to find the perfect home while keeping the peace of mind in knowing that you or your loved one has, literally, thousands of options when it comes to finding a home where Rent is Based on Income!

At Rent Based on Income, you will find an extensive list of HUD assisted, or subsidized properties, tax-credit communities, and contact numbers for local metropolitan housing agencies. Start searching for your next home, where the rents are income-based, by clicking on the search button now.

Communities can now grow their waiting list by becoming one of our "Featured Properties" or adding their community information to our "No Waiting List" page!

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Morrow Woods-First Richland Morrow,Mt Gilead, OH: 1 bdrm, elderly, EHO,(419)946-1976, TTY:(800)750-0750
Mt Gilead Manor-First Richland Morrow,Mt Gilead, OH:1 bdrm,elderly,EHO, (419)946-1976,TTY: (800)750-0750
Merissa Manor-First Richland Morrow,Mt Gilead, OH: 1 bdrm, elderly, EHO(419)946-1976, TTY: (800)750-0750
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